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todo detalles, un trato exquisito y ganas de ayudar. le pongo 5 estrellas, pero merece un firmamento!!

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Frequently Asked Questions:


1) What are the various width measurements of the fabrics?

 The width of the fabric varies per brand and per country. You can find the exact width in the product details next to the fabric. Measurements are in centimetres.


2) What is the minimum length of fabric that I can order?  

The minimum order is 25 cm of length. The price indicated is per 25 centimetre of fabric. For example, if you want to buy one meter of fabric, you should fill in the number "4" in the drop-down box "quantity". Don’t worry; you will receive one piece of one meter of the indicated fabric. Or the total length of amount you have indicated.


3) How long does it take to receive my order?

We deal with the shipment and you will receive the order within 48 hours, except for items which we previously indicated otherwise. All your orders are sent to you via courier, so you will receive the fabrics within 4-5 days at the latest. (Spain).


4) Can I receive samples of the fabric?

Yes. If you prefer to see or touch the fabrics before buying, then you can ask for samples. There is a maximum of four samples per order. The samples will be sent to you by ordinary mail. Normally you should receive the samples within a week (Spain).

If you have other questions, please send us an email.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1) Are they very expensive?

Well ... no, not for the quality of the dresses we make. The price of the dresses start at € 42,00

Please take in consideration the following facts: the dress is made to order (by tailors in Barcelona), the size is made to measure, made from high quality designer fabrics, with the fabric and the model of your choice. So... a completely personalised dress!

Bearing all this in mind... they are surprisingly cheap!


2) Only for little girls, sorry!

Well, yes, only for little girls. I have always loved the fun patterns of children’s fabrics but I couldn’t find off the peg original dresses for my daughter. So I searched the world and imported fabrics from different countries in order to start this project.

Also, shopping on-line saves time and ... sometimes a lot of trouble. How often do our daughters complain about shopping and being dragged around the shops! Instead of shopping, they’d rather be doing a hundred other things.  So in the stress free environment of your home they will love to play the ‘HechoPorMí’. And, if you live far away from the girl you have in mind, this purchase method will save you a lot of hassles.


3) How much are the shipping costs?

Generally, shipping is done by courier. In other words: you will receive the package at home or at you’re nearest reception point. The costs amount to € 4.79 (ex. VAT) for the province of Barcelona and € 6.91 for mainland Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Gibraltar. At the end of the buying process you can choose the way you want us to send you the package. We also ship by ordinary Post, especially to destinations outside of Spain, to save on shipping costs.

Note: to be able to choose your shipping method and price you have to register as a client otherwise the system (not knowing where the order comes from) only shows you the most elevated price by courier. As a registered client you will be able to choose the shipping method that suits you best: courier or Post. So when your order has little volume and weight you can save in shipping costs by choosing another option. We will always try to pack and send your order in the most economic way.

4) Can I exchange or return the goods received?

To begin with. Each dress has been made according to your design selected by the steps provided by us. So the end result is a unique dress of your choice. For this reason, I afraid we can’t we can’t accept returned dresses, or pieces of cut fabrics. We do recommend that you take precise measurements in order to avoid any problems with sizes. The  articles not made by personal order, can of course be returned following our “User Terms and Conditions”.

Needless to say, that if we make a mistake (for example: we have not sent the dress according to the ordered fabric, model or size), we will accept the returned dress and we will send you the correct order to you as soon as possible.

5) How do I check the colour?

Sometimes, the colour that you see on your computer screen can slightly differ to the real thing. It's a technical issue with which we all have to live with, as it is no one's fault. It is due to the display settings of your computer. If you prefer to see the actual colour 100% you can order a sample in "Order Sample" on page ‘Home’.

6) How do I choose the size?

To choose the right size, take your time and measure the child according to the information we give you in the Homepage: “FAQ: How do I choose the size?”

The ages indicated are approximate and based on the Spanish size system. We consider the measurements in cm much more reliable. Our sizes are based on the European measurements of the bigger fashion brands like H&M.


 7) How do I register as a customer?

It's very easy. Just fill out a short registration form by clicking ‘Identification’. With this procedure you will be registered and able to do your shopping safely.

Thanks for trusting in LaTelaFeliz!

If you have further questions, please send us an email.


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