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todo detalles, un trato exquisito y ganas de ayudar. le pongo 5 estrellas, pero merece un firmamento!!

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You’ve found us! Great news as we’ve just opened our shop!
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My name is Jacqueline. I am Dutch and I have been  living and working in Barcelona for more than12 years. I am a graphic designer by profession working in my own studio. This ‘freedom’ allows me to start personal projects like LaTelaFeliz.

I have a passion for art and craft projects and I love to see what inspires a person and to admire the results that this inspiration creates. I am intrigued at how we are all very different and all able to create very different things from the same raw material.

I also adore using a diversity of materials, experimenting with them and exploring new techniques.

I decided to embark on the adventure of LaTelaFeliz, because I love the graphic designs of designer fabrics, On the Spanish market those fabrics were hard to find, especially for children. By importing them I started making unique dresses and skirts for my little daughter. This was the beginning of the shop idea.

I have created a team of a pattern maker, seamstress and web programmers and have transformed my concept to an online shop; laTelaFeliz. We aim to look after every detail and put a lot of love and care into our creations. This way we can offer you a selection of the most beautiful fabrics and original designs of children’s dresses.

We are still in the process of improvement and we have many plans for the future. The idea is simple; we want to share with you our passion for creating beautiful garment. Welcome to our world!


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